Price: $400

Seller: Brian Hannaford
State: Arkansas
City: Beryl
Zip code: 72032
Type: Music instruments

This is a nice finished project guitar, handpainted by a professional artist. This guitar was modified by music professionals. At the asking price, I am actually losing money on this one. The actual location of this item is in Conway. The only shortcoming, is that the whammy bar still needs routing internally to "dive." This is a very minor detail, especially if it is just a display piece, however this guitar actually plays well. Great pains were taken to ensure it is accurate in detail, front and back. Even the quarter dollar mounted on the front, is the correct year, and is riveted on. The bridge is correct, the string supports are correct, the pickups are correct. You would be hard pressed to find a better example. 
I expect this to sell rather quickly, so do not wait to score this one !